Isadora Pereira
Creator | Pereira Designs
As a child, I was either found drawing or looking at wildlife picture books during free time. In class, everyone knew me as a "good drawer" and as the go-to for help in that area.
In high school I felt that I had to choose between a career in making art or helping others. (I was unaware that I could potentially do both). However, the medical field path felt so distant and it didn't allow me to express myself artistically. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a podcast called "Creative Pep Talk" that made me realize that I should try to make a career out of my passion for art and use it to make a positive impact in the world.
Today I spend my time designing beautiful things, making strong coffee, tending to my plant babies, and learning new things.
I believe that design is essential to the world. Design is essential both in function (organization of information) and in form (to breathe life and personality into what you present).
Design creates real world magic 
that you are proud to own.